Creative Open design workshop

Organized by Jean Marteau
Hi, if you are still interested for a first exchange, the meeting appointment's will be around 19:00 in an Irish pub called Golden Harp (Erdbergstraße 27, 3rd district) you can go there with the U3 stop to Kardinal Nagl Platz or Rochusgasse ubhan station

here's the map :

so, when you'll be there, ask for the table of "Creative workshop" or look for the Indian guy with long hairs ;-)


Introduction first

This event is not focused on computer (its just a possibility);-)

It's also open to everyone :-) And i just put a day because i dont have idea for that, so we can change that point :-)


Whats open design here ?

open design mean open first and design dont mean drawing, but sketching community solutions, across arts or innovations that can be also created with food, other materials as common or meaning understanding of a movement, a philosophy or any kind of skill or knowledge/good practice that can help to merge citizen social cultural understanding or presentation.. feel free to manage and come with your project/idea/need as you are, as you need help or as you would like/want to share ;-)

What can i purpose

Mixed medias, visual/pop arts, multimedias, processing, photography, painting drawing, cooking, interactive exhibition, social media,...

i would like to create a workgroup.. to make some stuff and projects togehter, i have many idea and skills i would like to share, whats yours?

What do you want to learn, what do you want to share?
Whats your interest in Open creative design ?

Please let a comment to present you your need, your idea :-)

Ps: Hi everyone, sorry if you was recorded to the last event i deleted because i cant manage the event and my situation in the same time, so my situation is better and it will be a pleasure to make the first meeting if you are still interested in that kind of fields.

Dr Jean M.
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