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this galette, it's salt crepe
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    hello travellers and parisians,

    I receive a CS from malaysia and i want to spend a great time with her in Paris. The meeting will be in Place Monge at 7.30 pm.
    It will be easy to find me, i will wear a green glasses.
    Then we go to rue Mouffetard to get some "galette" or crepe in le petit Grec in take away. they are really great. The price is around 5 euros. and then we go to the bar call "le vieux chene". They have some really good beer and not expensive.

    if you don't want a eat before drink that ok because the bar is really close to "Creperie"

    If you want my phone number just send some message in private

    Hey, that seems really nice. I am currently welcoming an indian couchsurfer, so we will be 2 attending! See u soon.

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