Cruise Party on a boat FREE Entry

Organized by Marcel Sorescu
Hello everyone,

I plan to go basicly every friday of this summer at my favourite boat party on River's King boat (last year I went several times and this year once).

I will meet some people I know at 8.30 in front of the gass station, close to the entry and at 8.45 we are going in...

Someone told me about this special offer so I am telling it to you in case you come earlier or later... If you say the password YEP at the cassier you will get one more drink than the normal clients (ex 10 with 1 drink or 20 with 4 drinks)

From 8 till 9 PM girls get in for free and with 2 cups of champagne and until 1 in the morning get for free but nothing offered.
Men can also get in for free with no drinks between 20 and 22 with password YEP.

To have this you need to say the password YEP at the cassier...

If the security don't let you in say you are on the list and they will be more understanding. If you are very badly dressed then nothing can save you not even the president :-)

BTW I can't text or call international numbers (but I can reveive calls or SMS)... bad/ cheap phone subscription :-)
My phone 0033669403256

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