CS meetup/potluck @ East Rock on May4th

Organized by Martik Tahmasian
This is for me and you to meet new people. THE MORE THE MERRIER. I am also inviting my friends to come.

This event will be outdoors at a small park three houses north of my place. Hopefully weather will be nice :)

I will have some beer, wine, cheese, chips and what not. I will have some board games as well. There is a grill there, I will get some charcoal so if you want to BBQ something, go for it! My house is three doors down from the park, so you can use the oven.

Impress others and make some food. Do bring your favoring beer/drink/desert/food.

You can come at anytime and leave at anytime. I just want to see all of my friends and CSer's I've gotten to know and will know.

I am not sure what the turn out will be, but if you have camping chairs, I suggest you bring one for yourself. if not needed, you can leave it in your car.

If we are not too tired, Yale Graduate bar will have a Cinco de Mayo Party with $2 margaritas and $3 Corona, we'll see what happens though as the night comes to a close. For the Party, non-yale friends will have to pay $3 for entrance

Hope To see you there,
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