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Organized by the_juanderer
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This weekly Couchsurfing meetup has been going on for years in NYC, and this tradition is now at AMITY HALL every Thursday night from 8 PM - 1 AM. We will be upstairs, in the back half of the bar.

80 W 3rd St (between Thompson and Sullivan)
New York, NY
(see bottom of description for closest subways)

I loved the previous location, and many others did, but many people said it was too small, and stopped going because it was too crowded.

Amity Hall can easily hold over 150 people, has a great selection of beers, good inexpensive food, and friendly staff.

We won't have the same layout of food as in the previous location, but there will be some platters of wings, chips & dip and other items from 8-9 PM.

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Good service deserves a good tip. In the US, the customary tip is $1 per drink at the bar, and 15-20% of the bill for food or table service. If we do not tip well, we will not get good service, and if it is bad enough, the bar will not invite us back.

If you tip more than is customary, often bartenders will make your drink stronger, and sometimes give you a free drink!

For more information on why it is important to tip, check out this post: http://bit.ly/Y1LgAs

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1. THE MINIMUM AGE TO ENTER THE BAR IS 21. BRING GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PICTURE IDENTIFICATION that shows that you are at least 21 years old OR THE DOORMAN WILL NOT LET YOU IN. (A passport of driver license or a national ID card from your home country is acceptable. A *copy* of any ID is NOT.)

2. Do not take your drinks outside the bar (you WILL get fined for public drinking).

3. Couchsurfing is a place to make friends, NOT to find a date. Yes, sex happens, but please do NOT make meeting girls your primary goal at this meetup.

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HAPPY HOUR ALL NIGHT! (Prices below.)

BUT YOU MUST GET AN ORANGE WRIST BAND AND SHOW IT TO THE BARTENDER TO GET THESE PRICES. Also, you will know that anyone with an orange wristband is a Couchsurfer. :-)

Be sure to ask for a wristband at the door. If you enter the bar without one, please find me or one of the guest hosts, and we will get you one.

$4 Pints (473 ml) of Bud Light
$4 bottles of Coors Light & Miller Light
$5 Pints (473 ml) of these quality beers:
- Lionshead Pilsner
- Narragansett Lager
- Goose Island IPA
- Sierra Nevada
- Bluepoint Toasted Lager
- Bronx Pale
- Magic Hat Rotational
- Brooklyn Lager
- Flying Dog in Heat Wheat
and one cider:
- Angry Orchard Cider

$5 House mixed drinks

$6 House wine (red and white)

Buy a burger from the menu ($12-$14) and get a FREE craft beer.

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Address: AMITY HALL, 80 W 3rd Street (between Thompson and Sullivan Streets)

Closest subway stops:
- A, B, C, D, E, F (blue and orange) or M (brown) to W 4 St (3-minute walk)
- N, R (yellow) to 8 St NYU (8-minute walk)
- 6 (green) to Bleecker St (8-minute walk)
- 1 (red) to Christopher St (8-minute walk)
- PATH 9th St station (8-minute walk)
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