CS NYC WEEKLY Board Game Meetup Thursdays 6:30pm before CS Meeting!

Organized by ARARITY
So for those that don't know, a new cafe, with over 200 different board games and card games just opened up in West village.

It's called The Uncommons and it's 1 minute walking from Amity Hall (CS meetup)!!
230 Thompson St (@ 3rd ave)

I figured, let's have some fun BEFORE the meetup here!

As for now, it will be $5 for a whole 24 hours of game play--I will work to make it free for CSers. You guys can start arriving between 6-6:30 for 1st games, or anytime after for later ones.

For the inaugural event, I'm thinking of these games:
Apples to Apples
Mouse Trap
Connect 4

For those of you who know the rules and would like to play these, do list so below! Also open to other game suggestions!

Please post your interest in coming, and game selections (can choose more than 1)!

See you then!
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