CS Pub Crawl - The Twelve Pubs Of Christmas

Organized by Jessica H
2nd annual CS Twelve Pubs of Christmas pub crawl!

I randomly heard about the the "12 Pubs of Christmas" pub crawl competition from some Irish people who played it on Christmas Eve back home.

Basically, there's 12 pubs, and you have 30 minutes and at least 1 drink in each pub. (But if you don't want to drink that much and still come along for the fun, that's totally fine!) Whoever makes it to all 12 pubs at the end of the night wins a prize.

P.S. Reindeer antlers/Santa hats/tacky Christmas sweaters or jumpers are highly encouraged. There will be a prize for best dressed!

1. Royal Derby Hotel (6-6:30pm) - 446 Brunswick St
2. Palookaville (6:30-7pm) - 416 Brunswick St
3. Cider House (7-7:30pm) - 386 Brunswick St
4. Bimbo Delux (7:30-8pm) - 376 Brunswick St
5. Evelyn Hotel (8-8:30pm) - 351 Brunswick St
6. Bar Open (8:30-9pm) - 317 Brunswick St
7. The Provincial (9-9:30pm) - 299 Brunswick St
8. The Standard Hotel (9:30-10pm) - 293 Fitzroy St
9. Little Creatures Dining Hall (10:00-10:30pm) - 222 Brunswick St
10. The Rainbow Hotel (10:30-11pm) - 27 St. David St
11. Labour in Vain (11-11:30) - 222 Brunswick St
12. Perseverance (11:30-12am) - 196 Brunswick St

We will be starting at The Royal Derby Hotel at 6pm. (Take the 112 tram and get off at stop 18, and The Royal Derby is on the southeast corner of Brunswick and Alexandra.) From there we head south on Brunswick Street. If you are running late, feel free to text me to see where we're at and join us later.
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