CS Weekly Meetup Fri 11/8-Birthday card making for homeless children and house party!

Organized by Marcella Baldwin
Hello all! I'm hosting the CS weekly meetup this week. We will be making handmade birthday cards for homeless children and donating them to a shelter in Portland. The idea is every kid has a birthday to celebrate, even if they're living in a homeless shelter. We can help make their birthday a little brighter by supplying the shelters homemade birthday cards to hand out.

I will be hosting at my house. Bring drinks and snacks and later in the evening we'll have a dance party. If the weather is nice we can also build a fire in the back.

Bring supplies for making cards - construction paper, crayons, ribbons, glue, tape, colored pencils, markers, etc. Please post below what you can contribute. If I don't hear from anyone I will go out and get some supplies.

I got this idea from the New York non-profit Do Something: http://www.dosomething.org/birthdaymail
You can read about their efforts and birthday card campaign. They have some pictures of their cards.

It should be a fun night! Hoping for a good turn out. Thanks! :)

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