CS weekly WEDNESDAY Meet up!!

Organized by CHUBABA
Come meet, mingle.. meet other cs people and chill out

Day: Wednesday
Date:Every Wednesday
with or without me
Time: 5-9

Hey i am having a CS meet up this week at Prikið.
Happy Hour from 5-8!!!
found a even cheaper place than last week!!!
beers are only 750 isk for two.

come and chill and chat... swap ideas and have a good time. all ages, all sizes, all gender!!!

cheers all
see you all there
call me if you have any problems getting there.

Mad Max

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    kelly lea nomadik hreinn.. we will all be going to a new place i will have to update the venue tomorrow.. as they will have better happy hour beer prices.. so stay tuned for tomorrows venue update.
    takk takk see you all there. 7 ish..those who come early if you dont see anyone..get some dinner and come back at 7. that is when the locals come out...!

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