CS weekly WEDNESDAY Meet up!!

Organized by CHUBABA
Come meet, mingle.. meet other cs people and chill out

Day: Wednesday
Date:Every Wednesday
with or without me
Time: 6-10

Hey i am having a CS meet up this week at Bio Paradise

found a even cheaper place than last week!!!
beers n wine 500 isk.

come and chill and chat... swap ideas and have a good time. all ages, all sizes, all gender!!!

cheers all
see you all there
call me if you have any problems getting there.

Mad Max

Viber me: +354 896 4661

click below for detailed map

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    Max did not update her page before leaving the country..., she just changed the location leaving all other info unchanged.., a lot of which is incorrect.

    Glumbar does not open up till 6:00 PM for starters.

    Pavel's suggestion of meeting at Bio Paradis is IMO far superior. The Bio Paradis ambiance is in line with the average couchsurfers mindset and budget...., plus it is full of button-tufted, '50's, retro-era, donated couches! LOL

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