Cuban salsa with Csurfers@La Bodeguita

Organized by Mariana Fajardo
We are a small group of couchsurfers that go every tuesday to the salsa classes at "La Bodeguita del Medio". We love this place because for 60 pesos you can dance a little bit and then eat some food, yeap, for only 60 pesos a cuban buffet is included!

So... if you want to dance, eat and drink with us... you are more than welcome.

Will this be your first time? You don't know anyone? Any other question? ... Here is my cellphone: 55 4884 7895.

Classes start at 8pm.

They have 4 levels: BASIC, for those who never danced before, BASIC II, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED.

* Drinks are not included, beer is $40, but my personal recomendation is strawberry mojito ;)
** You can come even if you don't speak spanish.

FAQ's (from the comments of the surfers...)

1. Are you the teacher?
- No, I'm just another student. There are one or two teachers for each level.

2. Can we just dance without the class, or can we stay longer for practicing?
- No, the place is not so big so there is no space if you are not in the class. And after the class all the rooms are filled with tables for dinner, so there is no space.

3. How do I arrive?
- The closest subway station is Sevilla (L1-pink).
- Maybe Metrobús Durango station, it is four blocks away more or less...

4. But really, I want to practice more!
- Well, there are a lot of places in Condesa and Roma, like Mojito Room (Nuevo León st.), Pata Negra (in the corner of Tamaulipas and Nuevo León st.), Mil Amores (in the corner of Yucatán st. and Insurgentes Av.), Mama Rumba (in the corner of Medellín and Querétaro st.)....

5. Are there only mexican dancers?
- No, you can find always people from different countries and a lot of surfers talking many different languages, so feel free to join us and have fun!
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