Death by Dessert 5 - chocoholics only!

Organized by Trevor Choy
Death by Dessert is a series of my dessert outings (events have been held in Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore) where we sample the most amazing flavours. Now it's Melbourne's turn - I have been away from Melbourne for some time, so I want to re-acquaint myself with my favourite chocolate places (and some new ones). I'd also love to make new chocolate loving friends! Over the course of a few hours, we'll cover Melbourne's best artisanal chocolate and dessert makers. We'll meet at Monsieur Truffe, and then move onto a few others. Cost is entirely dependent on whatever you order/buy. Chocolate freaks, your table is ready!

Meeting point: Monsieur Truffe, 90 Smith Street, Collingwood
I think the best tram to get from the city is the no. 86 to Bundoora RMIT.

Possible places we can try: - fantastic fruit chocolates, with big fruit chunks - very rich and smooth

Those I have not tried:
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