Desert Christmas-3 Days on Camel Backs

Organized by Andre Eskandar
Let's cross the White & Black Desert with no other than the Ship of the Desert!!

*When do we leave?
We leave from Cairo 05:00 am on the 25th of December.

*When do we come back?
We arrive back to Cairo 07:00 pm on the 28th of December.

*What do we do?
Once we arrive to the Oasis, around 10:00 am, we will meet our guide and get on with our 4 day desert crossing trip.
The total time of the trip is 3 Nights and 4 Days, we will be on camel backs until the 3rd night and in the morning we will give them back, gonna be hard but sorry you can't keep them :))

Each day after breakfast, we will get on the camels, walk 3 to 4 Hours, rest and have lunch at a landmark (Spring, Cave etc.) continue for another 2 to 3 Hours and then stop at the afternoon to start setting our camp, have dinner and sleep.

*what is the Cost?

1350 L.E
- All meals
- Water and Refreshments
- Camel per Person
- 4x4 car loaded with all camping equipment, Kitchen and our baggage.
- Guides
- Transportation Cairo-Baharia-Cairo

*How is the weather in December?
Warm mornings and cool nights. Blankets and Sleeping bags will be provided in all camp sites.

*What do you need?
1- YOUR PASSPORT or I.D also your Student card if you have one.
2- Swimming suit.
3- Sun Screen
4- Mosquito repellent
5- Cash as ATMS are
6- A torch Light/Swiss Knife

Come find out about this beautiful oasis, meet new people and make new friends.
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