Dinner & Flamenco Dancing Show Sun Apr 7, 2013

Organized by Eevers
Come on out for dinner/tapas, drinks and a free flamenco dance show at Kino Cafe on Sun Apr 7, 2013 at 7:30pm. We can leisurely enjoy food and chat and then watch the show, which starts around 9pm. The show itself is free but tips are appreciated (and optional).

The closest skytrain station is on King Edward on the Canada Line and then walk several blocks north. The reservation is under my name. I have limited the # of people for dinner as a reservation is needed. If you'd like to skip dinner and come for the show then please do so (just remember that this is a restaurant so ordering at least a drink is appreciated). This is also a cash only establishment.

Ps. I will make a separate event for those who want to skip dinner and come for the show but I do hope you will join me for dinner.

Here is their website and you can check out their menu as well as the gallery for photos of the dancers:

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