dinner Gathering on

Organized by PETERF2012
The meet up on June 26.2013(1700-2130 hrs)can be dinner and drinks happy gathering at the restaurant inside the clubhouse. Cost can be controlled to be less than HK$100. Special Drinks required by individual during dinner time should be paid by individual.

To appreciate early birds, I would probably buy some cold drinks so that we can consume within the club house boundary but outside the club house restaurant to save cost and have some chats in a friendly atmosphere before the dinner time ( if you can arrive earlier at 1700-1900 hrs, you can get free drinks). I presume 1900 hrs is dinner time when more people would have arrived. The place is private restricted to disciplined services staff so it should be very private, safe and peaceful. First register, first serve, I would limit only around 10-20 people come for this gathering.
My phone number is 95525836 for contact. I prefer you to speak English though I understand other languages. Peter
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