Diwali Brunch Fiesta

Organized by Incredible Life
Do you wish to celebrate Diwali (दिवाली), the Indian festival of lights ?? Let celebrate it together : )
Diwali signifies the victory of brightness over darkness.
Here is the Diwali Brunch fiesta plan -

We meet at Restaurant Jaipur Cafe, 15 Rue des Messageries, Paris and ...

- ॐ नमः शिवाय (OM namah shivaya) :short Prayer First : )
- दिवाली पूजन (mini Diwali Ritual) : we will pray for about 10mins to goddess of wealth "Laxmi" and Goddess of Knowledge "Saraswati" ; )
- Tasty (but not spicy : ) Authentic Indian Lunch
(Complete Thali : bien sur avec Papad, Chatni, bhaji/Pakoda, Raita, Naan, Curry, Rice, Gulab Jamun/Halwa...)
- Jai Ho !! little bit of Bollywood Music : )

dress code -
Si vous avez des tenues indiennes mettez-les! sinon venez habilliés très coloré!
If you have traditional Indian costumes, don't think twice..put it on : ) don't forget to put on your smile :D

contribution - 15 euros/person
*Drinks alcoholic / non alcoholic are separate
*as diwali is festival lunch will be vegetarian : )
[please join the event if you coming. We have to inform Restaurant about total number of people by 1st Nov, Friday]
You can invite your friends.
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    Hi Anekcee,
    Yes you are welcome to the event. Its an event open for all nationalists. Already 7/8 non indian friends are coming from the facebook event..in total we will be around 15.so just come in..you will enjoy and find interesting people..
    Thank you for your interest and hope to see you tomorrow at 12.30. I will drop my mobile number in a message so u can call in case required. Also i will keep a track of CS notifications untill 11 am..after that i start preparation for pooja..

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