English Conversation Club

Organized by ALI999
Finally, the English Conversation Club will start up again on the European side. This is an opportunity for you to come along and practice your English skills. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced....everyone is welcome. Please read all the details on the event page.

In the past we have had some problems with the venue letting us have a large area just for our English Club, as they would give us the space but some folk would not buy drinks ect, as a result, the venue would lose money...Therefore we will keep the same arrangements as the Conversation club on the Asian side.


Everyone must pay 10TL when they arrive at the venue. (Even if you come late). Each person will get a paper ticket worth 10TL and you can spend this money on food and drinks during the meeting. If you don't spend 10TL, you will not get your money back, so make sure to get your money's worth. We have already negotiated good prices at this venue, (for our Frıday meetıng) therefore the prices for our Tuesday Conversation Club will be the same. Taksim can be an expensive place so 10TL per person is really reasonable as the venue reserves the entire top floor for our group and can not have any customers in that area while we have our meeting. Thank you !!!

• Smoking is only allowed outside on the ground level or on the balcony...not inside.

• Please do not go outside to purchase any food or drinks during the meeting.

If you need help with your English, then you are also welcome to bring along any English exercises or material that you may be using and you can get advice and assistance from the Native speakers or your fellow members.

If there are any native English speakers who would be wiling to come along and help out, please could you let me know. The meeting will take place at Tasca's Tapas, Mis Sokak, Taksim.


See you there!

Please only regıster ıf you ıntend to come...thank you!
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