(Every Saturday) Weekly Meetup in Kowloon

Organized by GUSGUSGUS
Venue: Alchemists Cafe/Bar - 27 Poplar Street
Tel: 2779 0559
Time: 10.00pm-2am

Map + Direction + Signing up:

Tell the reception you are with "Gus" or "Couchsurfing" and he/she will bring you to our table/standing area.

Buy your drinks at the counter (cash only). Keep the receipt. Pick up your drink in 5-ish minutes at the pick-up counter. (Just like how you order your coffee at Starbuck.)

Drinks: in the range of HKD30 - 60 (beer, coffee, tea, smoothies)
Food: in the range of HKD50 - 100 (sandwich, pizza, pasta, snacks)
Our group: about 20 - 60 people coming every week (yea, it fluctuates always!)

(*NOTE*: check the weekly post submitted by the organiser(s) in the link above to make sure the meet up for the week is not cancelled due to typhoon/bad weather/etc - occur often in HK in the summer)
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