(Every Saturday) Weekly Meetup in Kowloon

Organized by GUSGUSGUS
Venue: Alchemists Cafe/Bar - 27 Poplar Street (Exit A of Prince Edward MTR)
Tel: 2779 0559
Time: 10.00pm-2am


Tell the reception you are with "Gus" or "Couchsurfing" and he/she will bring you to our table/standing area.

Drinks: in the range of HKD30 - 60 (beer, coffee, tea, smoothies)
Food: in the range of HKD50 - 100 (sandwich, pizza, pasta, snacks)
Our group: about 20 - 60 people coming every week (yea, it fluctuates always! - usually more around public holidays)

Hong Kong experiences a lot of big typhoons & rainstorms every year.

Weekly Meet-up may be cancelled in case of bad weather/ typhoon/ other reason(s), it is your own responsibility to regularly check the Sign-up link above and to look for the post submitted by different CSHK volunteer host every week (or lack of such) and their updates. Such event posts are usually created every Tuesday/ Wednesday.

I'm very sorry to say this but: Pls be considerate and do not message the organiser(s) to ask if there is a meetup on a future day OR request a personal update message from the organiser(s) OR phone number - we do not have the resources to personally update/message/call you and we cannot forecast the weather(!) - Pls be a dear and check the group posts/updates often yourself, all you need to know is there!
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