Exploring Cairo

Organized by Muhammad Zeineddin

Exploring Cairo

This time we’re going to explorer a different area of Cairo
It’s going to be hilarious because .......
Have you ever heard about the Monastery of Simon the Tanner ?!
Have you ever been in the garbage district?
Don’t you want to visit them?
What about the Elgabal castle ?
It was a for ruling Egypt for almost 800 years.

What about Muhammad Ali’s Mosque?
the founder of modern Egypt

What about An-Nassar Muhammad mosque?
What about the military museum?
All Egyptian military history is over there waiting for you.

What about a panoramic view to whole Cairo and pyramids?!

Don't you want to smell some fresh air and to be a little bit a way from the crazy dusty Cairo so here you go Al Azhr Park

Our plan is going to be:
1st the garbage district
2nd The monastery of Simon the Tanner
3rd Cairo Citadel
4th dish party in Alazhr park (bring your best dish with you I want to taste)

Cairo Citadel
For Egyptian and Arab:
Students: 2 L.E please bring your student ID or any thing assure that you're a student
Adults: 4 L.E
Students: 25 L.E please bring your student ID or any thing assure that you're a student
Adults: 50 L.E
for press: it's free ! please bring something assure that you're a journalist or in press field !
AlAzhr Park:
Entrance tickets for all is 7 L.E

1st: fees for the event is 30 L.E per person ONLY for the guiding and explanation” the explanation will be in English and Arabic and Farsi - Farsi only if there's a group of native speakers!- “ .
2nd: this event is not for dating or drinking alcohol.
3rd: appropriate dress covering the body including shoulders and legs is required for entering both Coptic and Islamic monuments.
4th:giving tips for putting your shoes in the safe in mosques is not obligatory it's only up to you so don't feel ashamed to refuse to give tips to somebody asks for that!
5th: please wear a very comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water with you and your camera if you have one, don’t forget to bring a good mood
6th: Politics talk is not welcomed during the event by any how -security reason -!!!

For further information and book your place call zein at:002-01001060685
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