Fireflies - New BASS night in Brunswick - only $5

Organized by James Steevenson
For those of you craving some deep beats and heavy bass, this new night featuring selectors from BASS ART, HEAVY INNIT, UNCOMFORTABLE BEATS & MORE arrives in the northern suburb of Brunswick at the quality venue 'My Aeon'

3-5+ TOKEN & FREEFORM (DnB/Jungle)
2-3 SHIKUNG (Glitch/Trap/Bass)
1-2 SK (Dubstep/Trap/Bass)
12-1 BADDUMS (Dubstep/Grime/DnB)
11-12 JIBBA THE KUTT (Dubstep/Bass)
10-11 RINTRAH (Future/Bass)

Heated Courtyard w. marquee
Couches in the front to chill
10pm til LATE
$5 on the door
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