FireFly Run (5K Fun Run/Walk/Dance/Skip) Fri Night 5/31/13

Organized by Erin C
( ) If you missed the Electric Run in OC last November, or if you were there and wanna do that again, or if you think the idea of running/walking/skipping/dancing at night all decked out in glowy stuff surrounded by thousands of other glowing people is fun, while raising a little money for the Red Cross,THEN LET'S DO IT!! :D

It's a family-friendly event, and kids 7 & under are FREE and don't need to register! Invite anyone/everyone you want! :)

The run starts at 8:30p, packet pickup is at the event from noon until 7:30p. Registration price depends on when you sign up... Right now I think it's $45 or 50 but it's going up $5 in a day or two (5/15?).It's $5 cheaper if you sign up as a team member than an individual. Feel free to make up a team name if you think you'll get 4 people, otherwise you can just join a random team name that's already existing like I did (just for the discount) without really joining up with them for the run. I didn't find any discounts online (ZOZi and Groupon already sold out, I can't find anything on LivingSocial) but if YOU find one, post it to help others save some $ :)

If you wanna join me, you can rsvp here or on facebook:

Event page, info, registration is at
FAQs for the event:
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    You don't have to be a runner to do this! It's still fun even if you walk the whole way (or throw in some dancin like I do!) :). Just get your heart pumpin and have fun!

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