1st Wednesday's Monthly CS Meet-up

Organized by Anthony Mansfield
1st Wednesday's of the month in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Hi-Lo in May! This month we're back at Monarch for a meet-up and get down!!! DJ's Mayjahn (KZSU), Kimmy Le Funk, and Sneak-E Pete will be playing funk, disco and house music til late night. Also, the meet-up is just in the basement this month (though we obviously have access to both floors).

Monarch has been voted one of San Francisco's top lounges and has a fantastic sound system (http://monarchsf.com/site/featured/monarch-2012-awards). It is located 2 blocks from Powell St BART stop and the on-street parking is usually easy (though read the parking signs and don't leave anything in your car!). The 6th and Mission Area does have a lot of homeless people, so pay attention and be safe! Monarch doesn't serve food, but there are plenty of good, inexpensive places to eat in the area.

This is a 21+ venue, so please bring ID. There will be drink specials with Couchsurfing name tag. Name tags will be provided at the event.

2 for 1 Sapporo Beers from 8-11PM w name tag.
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    PS, that would be the Civic Center BART. And street parking there is never easy nor is it safe, If you drive you should park in the garage on 5th and Mission. How do I know this? Native San Francisco who lived (fairly recently) on Mission and 7th. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer, just think people from out of town should know where they are going. Nothing against you personally Anthony, but you should be clear about the area. Especially, because those who've lived in the area for a long time refer to the area of 6th Street between Market and Mission as "Ghost Alley" for all the zombified drug addicts, aggressive homeless people, and gang/criminal activity on that block. Not saying that that venue isn't good, never been, just think you should be straight-forward about the area so travelers can be aware. Anyways, I will be in town on June 5th, and might be able to attend, but with the new event's system I can't RSVP maybe, so "Maybe".
    Actually the Powell Street Bart station is closer to Monarch. I have driven to this spot dozens if not hundreds of times and had no problems what so ever. There is always street parking, especially on a Wednesday night at 8PM and there are paid lots less then a block from the venue.

    San Francisco has lots of homeless people and everyone should be paying attention to their surroundings. I throw many non-CS related events at Monarch and don't feel I've put my friends, attendees or guests in danger. That being said, this it is not the most pristine part of town, but their is a concerted effort on the part of the police, city, business owners and local community to make the 6th and Mission corridor more safe and inviting. There are tons of new upscale restaurants in the area as well as many new and old clubs (Monarch, OMG, Mezzanine, Club Six about to reopen). I've lived in San Francisco for 12 years and have seen the area change a lot, especially in the last two years.

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