Free photo shoot for you

Organized by Eric Zhang
讓我來給你拍照 - 發現澳門之美
Let me give you a free photo shoot!

我們是在澳門讀書的攝影師, 想用鏡頭記錄生活中的城市和人.
We are photographers living in Macao and want to record the beauty of this city and the people.

免費為你拍照片. 室外室内均可.
It is FREE. Outdoors and indoors are both acceptable.

如有興趣或咨詢討論, 請和我們聯絡:
If you are interested or have any questions, please send us emails at
Please be free to talk about your shooting plan and send one of your head-to-toe photos to us with your email.

For more info about us:
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