French conversation table @ WeltCafe, 27th March

Organized by Ziyad Mayer
This is a conversation table for those who can already speak some French and would like to practice more and become fluent in the language.

A good opportunity to practice all you know, have a chat with natives and learn more :)

Of course native speakers and travellers passing by are especially welcome!
We're meeting at the Weltcafé again this week, close to the universities. Metro: U2 Schottentor, there's even a tram station named "Schwarzspanierstrasse", you'll be very close to the café then.

We will start at 6:30pm, but you can join later as well.

The table will be booked for 15 participants (average amount), but if it happens to be more french speakers, "ce n'est pas un problème" !

See you on Wednesday ! A mercredi !
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