Friday CS Zone- Cheap Drinks. Some Free Food and Awesome People!!

Organized by love_to_laugh
Hi fellow CSers!!
Come and join us for our Awesome weekly CS get together each Friday.

CS zone is a great place to meet travellers, locals and everyone in between!
You can make new friends, get some insider tips from locals, find travel buddies and have heaps of fun!

We do Friday CS zone at our awesome new venue Sentido Funf (New name Fitzroy Beer Garden) at 245 Gertrude St, Fitzroy (20-30 minutes walk to the city).
Its a pretty cool , laid back, slightly alternative place with an awesome heated beer garden (apparently Melbourne's Greenest beer garden!) and some funky music.

They are very happy to host us and they have given Couch- Surfers our own area.
We are either in a room on the left, opposite the main bar, or at the back where the dance floor and the DJ is:)

You will see a sign ‘Area Reserved for Couch- Surfers’.
If you can’t find us, ask the bar staff or security.

The AWESOME deal offered just for CSers is:

- LONGEST HAPPY HOUR: $12 Jugs of Southern Bay Draught Beer, $6 Basic Spirits (vodka, rum, gin, whiskey) and $5 glasses of wine (Willowglen Chardonnay, Cab Merlot) and $5 Champagne! (Oops! I mean sparkling wine:) - Brut) from 7 pm until 11pm! (I think that's probably the longest happy hour in Melbs on a Friday!!)

- 2 FREE Big Food platters per 20 people (worth $30-$40 as listed in the functions menu), also some other food decently priced e.g. $10 burgers

- A nice and cozy private Dining Lounge from 6:30 pm until 11pm, and of course we can go out to the main bar/beer garden/ dance floor with DJ whenever we want to!

After a few hours of eating, drinking and socialising we can move to the dance floor or go to one of the other close by bars with some live music and dancing!!

Please note:
-You'll need a stamp to get the special deal above. The bar staff will give us the stamp at the beginning and it will be with one of the CSers in the room.
- FREE FOOD starts from around 7 pm, and finishes around 8:30- 8:45 pm. So to make the most of the Happy Hour, the good company and Free Food, come as early as possible!!
Sometimes I might not make it by 7 pm if I get stuck at work or occasionally I might have something else on. So I got an idea. The event is well- established with a bunch of regulars and the bar staff knows us well too. So we will make this event self-run, as in no official host. I think if we can travel around the world alone, we can certainly run our own event:) I'll still be there most Fridays anyways. All we have to do is to get the stamp from the bar staff in the beginning of the evening…and then start enjoying the good company and the Happy Hour!

If you have any questions/ thoughts or just want to introduce yourselves, feel free to post here.

So who’s up for a great night with awesome bunch of people, cheap alcohol, some free food and lots of fun?

0401 572 282.
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