German Practice meeting : Weekly on Tuesdays

Organized by Liviu Radulescu, Ehrenfried Lepuschitz
NEWS: We try a new place now for summer vacation: Universitätsbräu in Uni Campus, Altes AKH. Reachable by tram 43, 44 or 5 and also very good by bike.


A meeting for beginners, medium and advanced levels, and of course natives are also welcome!! :)
So everybody, feel free to join!

We will meet at 19:00 at Universitätsbräu in Uni Campus, Altes AKH -

I try to make a reservation every week for 25 persons in the non-smoking area.
Ask there about "CouchSurfing" meeting.

See you!

(If you can't find us, call Liviu +4369916161520 or Ehren +4369917115127)

The list of participants to this event is not very relevant.
People who come regularly won't subscribe to the event/activity every week, they just come there.
There are around 25 participants every week. Most of the times even more.
There is also an accompanying FB group for our meetings:
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