Big & Tall comedy variety show Thursday 6/20

Organized by Steven Benaquist
Man oh MAN! Another Big & Tall Show is upon us this Thursday, and I've been so busy, and the Bonnofit Extravaganza was such a blitz to my feeble promotional muscles, this week's show has appeared as unexpectedly as a twist in an M. Night Shymalan film. ...which is to say, I knew it was coming, yet was still surprised.

This week is going to be a blast! I'm still waiting to hear from some secret surprise guests, so I'll just leak out the names I have confirmed now, like my lazy, shiftless jerk of a neighbor leaks juice out of his cheap garbage bags in the hall of my building.*

Dave Ross
Matt Kirshen
Bill Chott
Shawn Pearlman
Ryan Bourassa
Megan Koester
Plus musical guests and more TBA!!
And I'll be hosting! Probably in the spurious guise of some celebrity.

Free beer and wine!!
Rant L.A. 6474 Santa Monica Blvd. 90038
Doors 7:30
Show 8:00

There is free street parking, and more of it if you go just N. of Santa Monica on Cole and Wilcox.
And there's valet parking for just $5!

*This is a kind of bad analogy, really. These comics are unlike garbage juice in just about every way, other than that both are carbon-based and organic. And I'm proud to be leaking their names, not skulking around messing up carpets with them. But still, rather than come up with another analogy I'm doubling down on this lengthy footnote.
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