Great Ocean Road to Adelaide

Organized by Joyline Frenzel
hey guys,

as its quite difficult to find anyone with a campervan or car over this weekend we thought about hiring a van ourselves and so we are looking for 1 or 3 other people who would like to join us!

so we would like to travel about 5 days from melbourne to adelaide without returning to melbourne.

we , Boy (23/dutch) and me Joyline ( 21/ german) need to arrive in adelaide on wednesday the 3.april .

we are really interested in doing a nice trip around the great ocean road and stop over where ever we would like to . it actually would be nice stopping over at the surfers competition at Bells beach and stuff like this.

we are about to hire a campervan with 3 or 5 seats and sleeping spaces.
so thats the reason looking for 1 or 3 other travel mates ;)

sharing costs and fuel would be about $240 per person for 5 days.
the only thing we need to buy is food :)

so if you are interested in seeing the great ocean road during a longer trip join us!

we are both really easy going persons which would like to have a lots of fun!

so let us know if you are in ;)

we want to start the trip on saturday morning, 30.03.13 and will arrive in Adelaide on wednesday 3.3.13.

so you can also call me for further information.



Boy , Joyline
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