Hike the Christ

Organized by Cassio Uribbe Castro
It will be a hard 2hs hike up to the Christ but I promise you that worth the effort.

We will start at 15h and take probably around 2hs to go all the way up (704m). This is a hike and not a clibbing event. You won't need ropes or special equipments. But this is not the best trail for beginners. Only if your a don't-give-up-no-matter-what type of person.

How much:
The hike is free. If you want to enter the Christ monument you will have to pay the ticket (R$ 26,00). To get down, you can walk your way back (not a good idea) or pay R$ 10,00 for a van to take you to Cosme Velho (where the cable car starts)

What will you need:
A lot of energy. Some chocolat bars are welcome. A big bottle of water and your camera.

Cancelation: This event will atomaticaly be canceled if it's raining. If it's only fog, it still a nice thing to do (you will get the impression that your going to see a Zen-Master-Kung-Fu-Old-Guy in a mystic mountain right in the middle of a huge city :)

Send me a private message if you need more infos

Photos from past editions: https://picasaweb.google.com/hikethechrist

The starting point will be the second entrance of Parque Lage

Subway - Station Maria Angelica (Metro Buzz going from Botafogo)
Bus: from Lapa, Botafogo, etc: 157,158,170,172,176,178,179,409,410,438,463,511,521,524,571
From Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, etc: 512,572,584
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