hike tomorrow

Organized by SNOWBALL1982
My girlfriend and I are planning on enjoying the nice weather tomorrow and going for a hike in Lynn Valley or somewhere else close to the city. Nothing too serious or requiring anything more than track shoes. Are you interested in joining us? We know the area(s) well and it would be a pleasant 3-4 hour walk, nice sights including a suspension bridge and rivers.

We've tentatively booked a van through Modo (the local car sharing service) and have 3-4 seats available. Plan is that we can all chip in for the rental (no more $10/ea) and we will be leaving from the Mount Pleasant area at around 10:30 am, returning mid to late afternoon. We would like to take off from Mount Pleasant and hope that you could rally here, but if you're along the way (Victoria St., Ironworker's Memorial Bridge, East North Van) we might be able to pick you up.

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