Hiking around Salzburg

Organized by Michal Paszta
Hello everyone!

On our Saturday CS meeting I noticed, that there may be some people interested in hiking. How about we make a trip this weekend if the weather is nice?

I came up with to ideas where we could go, but if you've already been there/know a better place, then bring it on for discussion:

Option 1: The lakes in Salzkammergut (40 km to walk, but not very high):
Morning (7:40) bus to mondsee (around 6 euros). Along Mondsee northern coast, across the road and then south. If there's time, up Schafberg and down to Wolgangsee. If not then straight to Leonsberg and down to Bad Ischl.
Last bus from Bad Ischl 21:50 (2h to Salzburg, zirka 20 euros, maybe there's a cheaper way).

Option 2: Closer and higher but no lakes (just 15 km):
Local bus 21 to Glanegg, up Salzburger Hochtron and Berchtesadener Hochtron. Then east, to the Alpenstrasse, where we can catch Regionalbus 840 back to Salzburg.
If I can see well from Salzburg, there's still snow on the tops of those mountains! :D

Also the time of the trip is just a suggestion. I know some of you work on Saturday or Monday, some go for another trip on Sunday. Let's just see who's coming and together decide the day :) I'm fully available. And the priority, of course, is the sun.
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