Hiking in La Garriga (Catalunya)

Organized by Beatriz Cerezo
Hello Everybody!

I know this event is with short time notice, but not a bad plan. Looking at the weather predictions it seems that rain will give us peace, and also is a festive! so I want to organizing a little hiking around a village in Catalonia, to spend the day with clean air free

The idea is to go to La Garriga in train (from Sants station at 10.20 arriving at the village at 11.20) and get to walk in a circular route that passes a waterfall that with the rains that have fallen this purpose looks nice :)

They are 6 short hours kicking, we can make three hours (eat the sandwich) and three with the calm out at that time :)

But if at some point we get tired of the day, you can reach Figaró and catch the train back to the city

A single ticket train departs 3.80, as it comes at 10.20 I ask punctuality (10.00 -10.10) and do not forget water, comfortable shoes, a coat just in case (it will be mountain) and food : D

Here is the link to the route if you dare

Any suggestions or comments, take heart!
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