Hiking Snowdonia 2013

Organized by letapydnas
=============THIS IS A 3-DAY EVENT AND NOT A 1 DAY EVENT==============
Hi Everyone,

It's time for a hike! This time in Wales from Saturday 4th to Monday 06th May we'll be tackling a few of the peaks in the stunning Snowdonia National Park. Just in case you didn’t know, that’s in Wales.

The Hikes:
The weekend will consist of two main hikes – Mt. Snowdon on Sunday and a more leisurely walk on Monday(to be confirmed). At over 1,000m Snowdon is a challenge best reserved for those with strong legs and lung. Although able bodied hiker regardless of fitness, age or experience, should be able to take part.


As our route of the trek starts from Snowdon Ranger Hostel, it is a good idea to stay here but the chances are that the hostel may already be fully booked. That being the there should be other hostels around the same area. Maybe a 20 or 30 in drive away.
Snowdon Ranger YHA Hostel:
Alternative, my personal favourite are the Camping and Static Caravan sites. Of course Camping is for hard-core outdoor maniacs whilst Static Caravan is preferred by gentler souls like me. ;)

This is the difficult bit. While it is possible to get to the area by public transport from everywhere in the UK, this can involve various infrequent trains and buses and so may take quite some time. I would therefore suggest that everybody tries to make it to North Wales by CARSHARING. I have set up a specific thread on Hiking in Britain for drivers to offer seats in their cars, and for non-drivers to ask for lifts – check out the link at the bottom. Please reserve this thread solely for carsharing discussions.

Whether you’re coming for a day or longer, make sure you bring some food (with plenty of water) and warm clothes... plus a raincoat, just in case. Trainers/boots with grip would be ideal but just make sure you wear stuff that’s comfortable and that you don’t mind getting muddy! And if you’re coming for more than one day, I’d also recommend a spare pair of knickers, deodorant and a toothbrush... just so we don’t all have to put up with you stinking out the dorm rooms or tents or caravans! Also, we will not be supplying people with OS maps or route guides, so it may be worth bringing your own.

Make sure you join this meeting and specify what day you’ll be arriving and leaving, as well as how many CS guests or non-CSers are coming with you. This is a bit of an organisational nightmare anyway, so the more info you can provide the better (you can always update it if your plans change).

I hope that all made sense. Take a look at the links below: there is a general discussion thread where you can share comments and ideas about the hikes (any suggestions for the Sunday hike would be very useful) and there is a specific thread SOLELY for carsharing discussions. Any other questions or queries, feel free to email me or give me a call.

I look forward to seeing you in Wales!

P.S. If you can't make it to this walk, but you're interested in future exercise-motivated gatherings, join the Hiking in Britain group: www.couchsurfing.com/group.html?gid=12946


Vital Information post –

Accomodation post -

General discussion post -

Carsharing post -

Please be aware that this event has been organised purely for fun by hiking enthusiasts, not experts. We do not possess any group-leading, safety or first aid qualifications and our orientation and map-reading skills are mediocre at best. In short, while we will do everything we can to ensure people remain safe and together, this event is undertaken at your own risk. Thanks!

Credits: Thank to Joe Reaney for the organising the first trek in 2009 and allowing me to re-use these posts.
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