Historical semi island city tour and coffee brake at Coffee Ozo

Organized by Hatice Antoniya Ozturk
A free-walk day tour to the historical semi island, starting from Ozo Coffee House, Tophane and walking through Karakoy, Eminonu, Sirkeci, Gulhane, Sultan Ahmet until Beyazit and turning back to Ozo.
Everyone who is available at said day and hours is welcomed.
The focus of the event is based on spontaneous meeting and company on a day walk.
I see it as a great chance to share international experience while discovering the lovely sites of Istanbul.
It might also be a good chance for photography.

Meeting point:
Ozo Coffee House
Its is a nice and cozzy coffee house, owned by a talented Barista named Onder.
The coffee served inside is being grinded instantaneously upon your order; therefore esspresso, cappuchino,latte or machiato...etc according your choice :) is perfectly full of fresh flavour and taste.
Especially "the affogato", one of the special offers in Ozo, a nice combination of traditional Marash Ice-cream with traditional Turkish Coffe (options with international types of coffees are also available) is highly recomended.

Where is Ozo Coffee House?
It is just 50 meters across the hill infront of Tophane Tram Station.

Meeting time: 12:30-13:30 @ Ozo Coffee House

Hope to see you all CSers :)
In vino veritas!
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