Holy Moly , House Party!! Saturday 27th, I know its Holy Saturdays

Organized by Sid Vija
Ok, for those who leave the city on Sunday... we cover you, we are doing this House party on Saturday,.... :P so , no excuse to not be here!!, now its official, what we need from you is easy!! reply to this treat and you will have the address (not to share)..Just make sure your profile is fully filled out.

The reason to doing this... actually there is no particular reason, just an excuse to meet , mingle with people, listen some nice music, have conversation, play some drinking games ( That include drinks without any alcohol )... and obviously drink some beer,wine,apple juice,soda milk or water!! ...

So this is a pot luck party, meaning, bring your own booze, soda, milk , cake, food, snacks, or bring ingredients to cook something and share.

If you are here in Melbourne for a holiday or just need something different for a Saturday night... here is a nice activity for your soul!

Please be considerate of the housemates/neighbors just in case we get loud, leave those bad attitudes home, drink responsibly, take pictures... and have fun !!
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