Inner Dance

Organized by ChristianandBek Young
Connect with the new moon cleansing energies using this ancient shamanic practice

The Inner Dance is both an Energetic experience (Inner Dance Session) and a way of being. It is a powerful energy that once tuned into and harnessed will influence every aspect of your life.

Wednesday December 4th, 7pm – 9.30pm
by donation

California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission St, San Francisco, Room 304
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with Christian and Bek Young, Co-founders of Ecopackin

Christian and Bek are living their calling by providing service to others. Presently this is manifested in the form of Inner Dance, Reiki, Raw Food, Sound Healing and management of healing centres. They have facilitated Inner Dance throughout Asia, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico and east cost of US.

An Inner Dance session is a facilitated session where people are assisted to enter a deep meditative state to enable them to release trapped emotions and other energies which no longer serve them in their lives. Often times when people are within this state of complete TRUST and SURRENDER, and have started to dislodge this trapped energy their body begins to move on it’s own volition without conscious thought. Thus Inner Dance is an Inner directed movement.

The Inner Dance Session triggers an Awakening process which allows participants to see things as they truly are on many levels enabling them to recognize how to live in flow. As a result of an Inner Dance experience people have had physical, mental and emotional healings and found clarity on how to move forwards in alignment to their Birth Vision.

“To our lovely souls Bek & Christian I enjoyed every moment with your guidance big love and compassion. I managed to make a huge shift from within me WOW! What a shift. I feel light, happy, and am one with myself."
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