Is not simple wrestling, IS LUCHA LIBRE!

Organized by El_Araño
This is A WEEKLY MEETING. This means IT HAPPENS EVERY WEEK. If you can't join us this week then try next week.

As every Friday night, I'm going with some friends to the wrestling show for a dose of fake violence.

Does somebody else want to join us?
See you at CUAUHTÉMOC subway station (pink line), Pantitlán side, under the clock, in the platform at 8:30 PM.
Maximum tolerance: 30 minutes.


I'll be wearing my blue/golden wrestler mask.

Please consider that Fridays are normally chaotic in this city and it become worse when is raining. Consider this to be on time.

If you are late but you wanna join us anyway, just come out from the subway station. If you take the exit in the Pantitlán side, walk to the right. If you use the exit in the Observatorio side, walk to the left. Walk towards the TV antenna (it's huge, you absolutely CAN'T get lost).
The Arena is on the opposite corner. Buy tickets (those for $35) in the first ticket window you find. We normally sit near to the 24th stair, under the "ES" on the "La Cerveza es Corona" sign.

Got lost? Just call me
From a Mexican cellphone--------- 55 28 0X 77 05
From a public phone ------------- 044 55 28 0X 77 05
From a foreigner cellphone ------ +52 1 55 28 0X 77 05
SMS from a foreigner cellphone--- +52 55 28 0X 77 05
What's App messenger ------ +52 1 55 28 0X 77 05

Oh!! there's a missing digit in my phone number!
You will have to read the whole details to find it!!!

Tickets: $35 pesos
Beers: $30 and $60
Popcorn: $20
Masks: from $30 to $200

CAMERAS ARE NOT ALLOWED. The staff will keep them (for free) and you'll have it back at the end of the show (don't worry, it's safe, they won't steal your camera).
Cellphone cameras are OK.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER WITH FOOD AND DRINKS. You will have to eat/drink them, before entering or put them in the trash bin.

NO PROBLEM IF YOU COME WITH YOUR HUGE BACKPACK, just consider drinks, food and cameras are not allowed, as said previously.

IF YOU ARE COMING BY CAR you better park it anywhere else (the arena has its own parking) and join us in the subway station or inside the arena.

The arena is never full. We always buy the tickets when we arrive.
Also, the arena is only 2 blocks away from the subway station.
The missing digit in my cellphone number is 1.

The program for this Friday:

I'll explain you all the "rules" and the "rites" behind lucha libre, so you can understand it better and enjoy it.
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