Japanese conversation meet up in Wellington

Organized by Tatsuya Nakata
Practice your Japanese with us!

We welcome you to the 3rd Japanese conversation meet up in Wellington on 10 April (Wed) to practice your Japanese. Details below:

Date & Time: 10 April (Wed) 5.30pm onwards

Place: Hotel Bristol (131-133 Cuba St) http://www.hotelbristol.co.nz/

The meeting is open to all levels from Beginner to Native to practice your Japanese with people of different levels. If we can find several Japanese native speakers, we can also do Japanese-English language exchange.

This event is non-exclusive, so bring your friends (CS or not), workmates, flatmates, or even in-laws, provided, of course, that they are studying or speak Japanese!

The meeting will start at 5.30pm and probably last for a couple of hours, but late-comers and early-leavers are welcome. I'll have a Japanese textbook ("Genki") with me, so if you are arriving late, look for a table with the textbook! Or I will give you my phone number if you PM me.

There is a Weekly Wellington CS drinks from 7.30 on the same day in the same venue (http://bit.ly/WNIBdh). So if you want, you can head to weekly CS drinks as well after practising Japanese! Alternatively, you can continue talking in Japanese if you decide to stay with us after 7.30.

(Note: I set the end time for 7.30pm, but may finish earlier or stay later depending on what people want. It might be a good idea to PM me in advance if you are planning to arrive late.)

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    Note that the event starts at 5.30, not 6.30! I set the start time to 5.30, but CS keeps changing it to 6.30! I don't know why ...
    Hi Tatsuya,
    I have just been to Japan and would like to improve my very rusty Japanese, this event sounds cool! I will try and join the April 10 meeting if I am available. Cheers!
    Yeah, I know, how cool are we? :) Looking forward to hearing about your experience in Japan!
    Hi there,
    I'm a total beginner, I've only had about 6 or 7 lessons so far, would it still be ok for me to come? I can just sit and listen :)
    Sure Caitlin. If we have lots of people, maybe we can divide people into groups or pairs based on their proficiency. That way, we can practice with learners of similar levels, and it will be less intimidating :)

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