Japanese conversation meet up in Wellington

Organized by Tatsuya Nakata
Practice your Japanese with us!

We welcome you to the Japanese conversation meet up in Wellington to practice your Japanese.

The meeting is open to all levels from Beginner to Native to practice your Japanese with people of different levels. If we can find several Japanese native speakers, we can also do Japanese-English language exchange.

This event is non-exclusive, so bring your friends (CS or not), workmates, flatmates, or even in-laws, provided, of course, that they are studying or speak Japanese!

This time, we will try Ramen Day at Tatsushi!
(https://www.facebook.com/tatsushi392?fref=ts) So let's meet at Tatsushi (99 Victoria Street) at 11.30 am. After having ramen, maybe we can hang around somewhere in town!

I'll have a Japanese textbook ("Genki") with me, so look for a table with the textbook! Or I will give you my phone number if you PM me.

Note: We meet regularly, but there is no fixed day. In some weeks we meet on Friday, in other weeks we meet on Wednesday, and in other weeks, we don't meet at all :) So check the CS web site regularly for latest information about the next meet up!
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    I'm pleased to announce that the next Japanese conversation meet up will take place on 18 May (Sat) at 11.30am. This time, we will try Ramen Day at Tatsushi! よろしく!
    Well done! You meant something like がんばってまちにいって、みんなとあそびます! I hope you like ramen!

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