▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ▃ ★ KARAOKE - Wednesday ★ ▅ ▃ ▅ █ ▄ ▇

Organized by Till Dussmann
K-TV / Norebang / Karaoke - Korean/Japanese style:

This is the biweekly Karaoke meetup at:

Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke

Because it's a great way to meet people, have fun, break the ice and make a fool of yourself ... :P

They offer a 6EUR (50% off) per hour rate from 7pm-10pm on Wed which means 1EUR per person per hour in any of the small booths (6 people max) ... if many more people show up we split into multiple groups and rooms and people can just go booth-hopping. The big booths are not 50% off.

If people want to stay longer that's of course up to them... but I will only reserve booths up until 10pm depending on how many people are present at 7pm in front of the karaoke bar. That means I will collect 3 EUR from each person at the end in order to cover the costs. If you show up late you pay less of course.

In case you arrive later just ask at the bar for CS or look for a CS sign on the booth-doors.

PS: I need more singing in my life ... and so do you! :P
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