Kitchen Party : Galettes Bretonnes

Organized by ツ Olivier DORE ツ
Do you know what is a Galette bretonne ?
If not, more informations here :

If now you are interested to taste it, and/or to make your own galette, I organise friday a kitchen party about the galette.

I will do the paste for the galette.
You bring and cook, the ingredients to put inside.
And you share it with the others guests.

[Don't bring big quantity (just enough for one or two galettes)]

We can share the galette already made, or we can share the ingredients for invent our own galette.

Bring also something to drink

The very classical galette is made with ham, egg, and emmental. But you can find it everywhere, so bring ingredients for make some others galettes, and not this one :).

At home I got oven, micro wave, stoves, and pans.

I will send the adress later
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