Kowloon Reservoir Hiking

Organized by Samuel Cheng
Hi friends:) this will also be my first time exploring this trail lol. But no worries guys, this trail is well known to be easy and short. It should take no more than 4 hours to complete the whole trail and there are a lot drop-out points you can go back to the bus stop. For details, check this out: http://www.oasistrek.com/kowloon_reservoir.php.

What to see:
1. Reservoirs (of cuz!). It says no swimming but there are people doing it. People even do fishing there too.
2. Monkeys: This part of HK is known as a habitat for monkeys. U r not encouraged to feed them but well... its always ur choice :)

What to bring:
1. Water
2. Snacks
3. Proper shoes for hiking
4. Swimsuit (if u r taking the risk to swim)

When&where: We will have breakfast somewhere around the Prince Edward station B2 exit at 10:30 am and then take a bus to the reservoir. Expect to end everything b4 5pm.
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