[FIESTA!] "La Institucional" MXC Thursday weekly meeting

Organized by El_Araño, Dj Mysterio, Carlos Gama
This is A WEEKLY MEETING. This means IT HAPPENS EVERY WEEK. If you can't join us this week then try next week.

Wassup, puppy dogs of the Empire? ;)

Are you feeling like having a drink?
Do you wanna meet other members of the local community or maybe to practice your English or other languages with the ex-pats or the travelers?

Join us for the OFFICIAL weekly meeting.


Usually there's nobody else than the CS people in the bar, so it won't be that hard to recognize us.

This week we will meet at...


Oslo Lounge
Oslo #4, Zona Rosa
Closest Subway Station - Insurgentes (L1, pink)
Closest Metrobus stations - Insurgentes or Hamburgo (both L1)



Got lost?
Just call me:
From a Mexican cellphone--------- 55 28 01 77 05
From a public phone ------------- 044 55 28 01 77 05
From a foreigner cellphone ------ +52 1 55 28 01 77 05
SMS from a foreigner cellphone--- +52 55 28 01 77 05
What's App messenger ------ +52 1 55 28 01 77 05

See you there at 9 PM!!

Q: Why on Thursday instead of meeting during the weekend?
A: Because during the weekend most of the local people goes traveling or visiting their families, and tehre are also many other activities and parties.

Q: Why don't we meet in a dancing club?
A: Sometimes it is possible to dance in some of the bars where we use to meet, but the main goal of this meeting is to meet other people. If you really wanna dance, there's a salsa meeting on Tuesdays.

Q: Why "La Institucional"?
A: "La Insti" (short) was institutionalized a thousand years ago and it will happen every Thursday from here to the end of the world... except if Dec/25, Dec/31 or any other Mexican national holiday is a Thursday :P

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