Languge exchange meeting

Organized by Shady Noor

Hello Couchsurfers this is not our first CS meeting since we had tons of them here is the link of the previous meeting at daily news Egypt :

We are seeking exchange culture between people and each others and also we are seeking to make sure that everyone talk with some native speakers to the language you are interested to learn so for the any of this purpose please don't miss our meeting

we will have one room in Sufi bookstore and we will try to have one hour practice Arabic ( fusha and Ammya ) and then the other hour will be for practicing the other languages so please be there in the time to make sure you will practice the two languages

We will meet @Monday 13th May
Start by 8 PM for two hours
We will post about the place to meet soon
In case of emergency call ( SHADY ) :
( please call before 8:30pm at the day of the event )

Share the event to your friends you think will be apple to join the meeting and soon we will give you more details about the place


Direction :

Sufi bookstore
12 Sayed El Bakry Street, Zamalek, Cairo,



- We organize the event through Cairo scholars and couchsurfing traveling organization so please check the guidelines of the Couch-Surfing meetings :

- Sufi bookstore have no minimum charge for the entrance but they serve beverages and food even it is book store

This is the page of Sufi bookstore at facebook:

- Please bring Ben and paper if you can so it makes life easier for your self and for others

Link @ Facebook:

Thanks for taking part of Couchsurfing &Cairo Scholars & we are looking to see all of you in this interesting event :)

Keep Tuned & see you soon!))
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