Lets make the world an even better place

Organized by Armin Radford
Hello there, my buddy and I are looking for people who dream to make this world a better place and are willing to commit to these dreams. Our main focus is changing our educational system locally, then we want to expand our ideas around the world. This is hard without a lot of people. This is meant to be purely non profit. (besides the profit of happiness for all). We want to hold our first meeting on September 14th @ laurelhurst park south of the pond(lake). This meeting will consist of a group discussion on how we are going to make these dreams come true. Anyone is welcome. Only two rules. Have an open mind, and no negativity. There may be a podium depending on how many people show up. Please shoot me and email with any questions at arminradford@gmail.com or send me a text @ 5035447309. And I will put you on an email list which will get more details in the near future. Thank you.
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