Looking for a couch for 2 Polish girls in Madrid

Organized by Kaja Sobczyk
Hi! We are two Polish nice, friendly and clean girls, who are looking for a couch in Madrid. We would like to visit capital. If it is possible, we would like to left our bag for Sunday.
Please, contact me, as soon as possible.
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    I am new in the CS thing because since now I had flatmates that didn't allow me. I work all day during weekdays but this weekend perfect for me to host both of you. I have a low cieling penthouse where you both can fit.
    Plus I am new to the city so we can explore it!
    Thank you guys for response.
    Dear Mark Vincente,
    thank you so much for proposition. Our plans a little bit changed - we will be in Madrid on 6 April at 6 am. Please tell us how we can contact you, and when we can meet.
    Kaja and Ala.

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