Looking for Longboarders,Skaters to shoot a promo video!

Organized by Raphael Buchberger
Hey folks,
I recently found my own business and we want to produce handcrafted longboard gloves. We are really motivated and at the moment I want to shoot some movies at different interesting locations (downhill mountains in bavaria,barcelona,italy etc)
and I'm looking for skilled longboarders who want to help me shooting a nice video in the Barcelona. We are also working togehter with Kerbholz from Germany which produces hadmade wooden designer sunglasses and maybe we also do business with somebody who produces handmade longboards.Anybody knows or is an advanced longboarder or just enjoys longboarding/skating and wants to be part of the project? We also still look for nice couchsurfers which could host us since our budget is really limited since we invested all out many in our new brand ;) We will visit Barcelona from 17.04-21.04!
Please let me know!

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