Lots of clothes for free, sewing and creativity!

Organized by Leonardo Daloiso
Every Thursday we organize a creative clothes swap, which means:

you can bring clothes, come and just take clothes (don´t feel ashamed to come empty-hands, we have a lot of clothes!!), both bring and take...as you better prefer.

Moreover we have sewing machines you can use to repair clothes, create new clothes from old ones, cut and sew pieces from different clothes together, create objects with clothes...well, briefly: do whatever makes your creativity satisfied!!

The event is open both to boys and girls and of course everything is for free!

The place is on the ground floor, so you don´t need to ring any bell: you will easily see us!

We also have a nice video about our clothes swap! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-7W7Cnayhc

! ! ! P L E A S E N O T E ! ! !

Due to the change of Couchsurfing into a profit-making business, we don´t feel to publish the address of the event here.

To know more about CS for-profit story here´s a very short text, worth it to be read: http://couchwiki.org/en/CouchSurfing_conversion_issues

You can find the address here
(login and join the Berlin group)

Hugs and smiles,
Leo&Elena :-)
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