Meeting in Truth. Where Spiritual Concepts becomes Your Experience.

Organized by RimviMai
We are having our last meeting before retreat.

It is possible to fit fairly comfortably around 10 to 15 people here, so I will appreciate if you RSVP only if you are really attending the session. In this way I can know the number of people and spots left.

However if you are fine to sit down on the floor, we can possibly allow more people to come in.


Date: August 28
Time: 7 pm
Place: 1142 Granville Street Vancouver, BC
Free: By Donation (Suggested Donation $10)


Once you get to the address, buzz the number 1418 and proceed to use the elevator to the tenth floor, turn to your right after getting out from elevator and proceed to the amenity lounge.


Welcome to the Meeting in Truth.

Our goal here is to come to our own experience, realization, insight of that which still may seem as a spiritual concept or intellectual understanding.

In here we are not interested to just talk and speculate about various branches of spirituality, methods, techniques and practices.

We are much more interested to notice what is already true and can be immediately confirmed with one's own experience.

Since Truth is True, it must be so already Now and if it so, why are you not experiencing it?

There is no need to work hard in order to realize your true being.

You are The Truth, The Light and The Way. Come to recognize what is timelessly present here, your own Absolute Being.

If you are tired of going to all different kind of meetings, where usually an exchange of concepts takes place and you want something Real, something Tangible, something Firm you may want to come here and take a look what is going to be shown here..

People who have came to such meetings and gone deep into their own being, report to feel "High" , "Super Relaxed" , "Do not Mind Anything" , "Totally Happy", "Absolutely Free" , etc.

What is more to do when after so many years you finally come to realize That which you have been looking for and practising for so long?

Here is a perfect space to look clearly and come to your own seeing of Truth, rather than try to remember what others told about it.

Make Truth your experience, not something that you learned and need to remember.

Everybody is welcomed, but mostly those who have no more patience and time for another spiritual blah blah and are ready to dive into infinite space of Your Absolute Being.

For more info, please feel free to visit the following:
Official Website:
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